Reflect on an experience in which Susan B. Anthony had experienced discrimination.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that discussing how a young Susan B. Anthony understood the issue of discrimination on the basis of gender would be significant and compelling.  As a six year old, a precocious Susan B. Anthony was denied the chance to learn long division because she was a girl.  It became evident to her early on that there was a gender bias in American society.  Particularly evident in its views on education in terms of what girls should learn and what they need to learn, Susan B. Anthony experienced discrimination on the basis of gender.  It was an experience that could generate a powerful writing sample because it represents some of the elements to which Anthony devoted her life as a feminist.  The basic idea that women could be and should be treated as the same and afford the same opportunities as men are a part of this.  Additionally, I think that it is something that reflects a sense of understanding that Anthony was denied something as petty as long division, representing the idea that the Status Quo was fundamentally threatened by a woman with intelligence and understanding, something that again Anthony understood as a feminist thinker and writer.

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