How has Scotland changed under Macbeth's rule?  

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Scotland has degenerated into tyranny under Macbeth. Everyone groans under the yoke of his oppression, and, as one can imagine, the general mood is bleak to say the least. Having established himself on the throne by murdering Duncan, Macbeth has proceeded to shed the blood of anyone who gets in his way. Men, women, children—it doesn't much matter. If Macbeth perceives you as a threat to his continued rule, then he won't hesitate to have you killed.

The atmosphere in Scotland is rather like it was that day when Macbeth first heard the witches' prophecies. No more a happy kingdom as it was under Duncan, Scotland is full of fearful, nervous subjects, scared stiff over what their bloodthirsty tyrant of a king will do next.

However, there is hope. Macbeth's excesses have created enemies who've come together to express their opposition to his increasingly tyrannical regime. At first, they just engage in talk, commiserating with each other how bad life is under Macbeth. But it isn't very long before...

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