How has Sandra's life experience influence her writing?

hbeane | Student


The most obvious way that we see Cisneros using her own life experiences is through her writing.  She writes about people that she has known, events that she has experienced and obstacles that she herself has had to overcome. If you look at her novel "The House on Mango Street" you see descriptions that only a person who has seen those situations could portray.  She shares instances of fear, angst, and most commonly sadness related to her life on Mango Street. As you read you can see examples of objects taking on overwhelming meaning and importance in the life of the main character; we all can look back in our lives and realize that things of very little material value carry great importance to their owner.  You can only assume that Cisneros uses objects from her past and impresses their meaning and importance on her characters as well. We can also see in Cisneros' style of writing her Latin culture in that she writes using specifically chosen words to express different meanings.  Not only in her reading can you frequently find simplistically stated examples, but if you step back and look at the larger picture you can see how truly insightful her word choice is, a lot of which can be based on the explicit meaning that she intends for her writing.

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