How can rising permisiveness be blamed for increasing adolescent stress? 

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We can blame permissiveness for increased adolescent stress because permissiveness leaves adolescents unsure about what is permitted and it leaves them having to set more rules for themselves.

Permissiveness can be defined as parenting in which parents do very little in the way of setting rules and/or disciplining children.  With regard to adolescents, this might mean no rules about smoking or drinking or interactions with people of the opposite sex. 

Such parenting can be blamed for putting more stress on adolescents.  Scholars say that adolescents are more comfortable and less stressed if they have clear rules that set limits for them.  They are not yet ready to set all limits for themselves.  When they have clear limits set by others, they are free to experiment and feel independent within those limits but are protected from the stress of worrying about where to set their own limits.

We can say, then, that permissiveness makes adolescents more stressed because it forces them to make decisions about boundaries that they are not yet ready to make.