How has religion changed from the 1900's to now?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many things that can be said. So, let me give you a few perspectives. 

First, since the 1900, fundamentalism in some of the major religions of the world has grown. Not only this, but these fundamentalists have at times become more radicalized. For example, think of the Muslim extremist in our world and what this has caused.

Second, contrary to popular beliefs, religion is growing in our world, even with the advancement of technology and science. This is one of the facts that has surprised many scholars. 

Finally, with the advancements that have taken place in our world, religion had to adapt and take stances on issues that are current, such as the human genome project. 

kezze | Student

people used to live in a religeous way, pray to God and thank God before they eat there food, and also educated to believe in God in schools, whereas now science is trying to prove religeous people wrong and turning lots of people into Atheists. Also now people have lots of things to do and think about God less. People used to think that the world is flat and it also said it in the Bible but we now know the world is round.