How has Ralph become more compromising to Jack? What is the significance of Ralph reminiscing about the storybooks?This is from Chapters 7 in Lord of the Flies

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this chapter, Ralph and Jack are working together, for the most part.  They are both in the hunting party that is looking for a pig.  This is one of the few times since the earliest chapters, the two boys have been working cooperatively.  It is also the last time they work together.  After this, the divide between these two leaders becomes progressively wider until they split apart completely.  It is important to the story, though, that these two are together when they encounter the dead parachutist and think they are seeing the beast.  Their ideas on what should be done about it, in the next chapter, differ and this shows the difference between the two boys.

Ralph reminisces about the story books as the boys are hunting for the pig.  The hunt is a savage endeavor and the story books remind Ralph of a time in his past that was very civilized.  The memory is sharply contrasted with reality which makes the memory stand out.

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