How has Pip matured over the course of the book?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It takes Pip a long time to finally mature in this book.  He does not fully come to understand happiness until near the end.  All throughout the book his focus was on Estella and his wealth needed to obtain her.  However, when he realized that Havisham was not the benefactor, he was completely embarrassed by Magwitch and his background.  Slowly, Pip realizes what Magwitch has done for him and what he sacrificed for him, and eventually finds that he is Estella's father.  Still, he is not completely mature at the point of Magwitch's death. 

He tries to go home and propose to Biddy, yet he finds her marrying Joe that very day.  He just assumed that she would drop everything to be with him since he was a "gentleman."  Finally, after asking forgiveness from Joe and repaying him for his financial aid, he is able to find happiness in his life. As stated in the link, "Having been first a pauper, then a man of the leisure class, and finally a middle-class worker, Pip is finally certain of his place in the world by knowing true contentment and self-worth."

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