How has the piano changed people's lives through the ages? Please elaborate on the effect it seems to have on the people of today.

Expert Answers
marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The piano is a beautiful, versatile instrument!  Belonging to the percussion family, is can be found from the lowliest, smokiest bars and saloons of the west all the way up to the famous concert halls of Europe.  Its history spans five hundred years!

The piano's beginnings was a simple instrument invented in Italy in 1598 called the piano a forte. It operated on the principle of a hammer striking strings to play simple notes either loud or soft.  Through the years, many improvements have been made, making the piano a desirable instrument to all.

A skilled pianist, with the help of a well-built instrument, has the ability to change the whole mood of a musical piece.  Whether he or she is playing alone, or in concert with other instruments, the contribution the piano makes to the performance is unmatched and indispensable.

The piano is relatively easy to learn and play, making it an instrument of choice for young and old.  Many times, aspiring musicians will start out learning the piano and then move on to master other instruments.  It is indispensable for teaching discipline, responsibility, and correct musical rhythm and timing. 

All in all, the piano has provided years and years of pleasure and enjoyment worldwide!