How has Pauline Hanson contributed to One Nation?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pauline Hanson greatly contributed to the emergence of One Nation. After being dis-endorsed by the Liberal Party, Hanson had found that she had a following.  Her advocacy of an extreme right wing perspective on social and economic issues, as well as the nationalist zeal that she tapped into with her maiden speech positioned her for national stardom in the Australian political realm.  When it became clear that she was able to channel public frustration with her presence and ideas, One Nation emerged.

Hanson advocated and helped to develop the party as a way to tap into the sentiment that the Status Quo had lost the pulse of the Australian people.  The party embraced her protectionist and anti- immigrant platform.  The One Nation party became the political extension of her own being.  Hanson was able to lend her own credit and credibility as a woman from the people into the emergence of the party.  One Nation reached out to people who experienced economic disenfranchisement as well as fear of the globalized world into which Australia was entering.  Their anxieties about the future could not be entirely articulated, but Hanson and One Nation were able to corral them into their partisan umbrella. Essentially, One Nation became a reflection of Hanson's extreme views, almost normalizing the abnormal.  It is in this regard where Hanson's contributions to One Nation can be directly seen.