Pride and Prejudice Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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How has Lydia Bennet been a disgrace to the Bennet family in Austen's Pride and Prejudice?

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Lydia is a disgrace in two regards. The first is because of her continual flirtatious and indecorous manner. She is always flirting with the military men stationed in Meryton and prompting her sister, Kitty, to follow suit. This is a disgrace because it was not socially correct for young women to be so forward in their behavior toward men. This is one of the things that Darcy thought so bad that he advised Bingley against pursuing his love for Jane . Darcy advised that a family with a daughter so uncontrolled could only involve Bingley in social scandal of one sort or another, as would the whole...

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sarinehart | Student

Lydia ran off with Wickham. At that time period it was not acceptable for young ladies to be alone with men like that. When they were found livining together alone it disgraced her and as a consequence her whole family. They were quickly married to try and cover up the indescrtion but the damage was already done.