How has Lyddie changed throughout the story?

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Lyddie goes through several specific changes throughout the story. I would say the biggest change in Lyddie is focused on her attitude about work and money. Lyddie remains a hard worker throughout the entire book, so there is no change there; what changes is who and what Lyddie is willing to work for. For much of the novel, Lyddie feels obligated to work herself to the bone in order to earn enough money to help pay off the family debt. As the novel progresses, it becomes clear that Lyddie's goal is a fool's errand; the farm is sold off without her permission, and suddenly Lyddie finds herself a bit lost. She is now in a position where she can work for herself and earn for herself. Lyddie remains money focused, but what is interesting is how she views her earnings. They can be used to help other girls she knows in the factory, and she can use the money to further educate herself. As Lyddie learns more, she begins to understand the value of self improvement, and the novel ends with her making a decision to educate herself rather than being beholden to anybody else. She realizes that Luke will remain an option, but Lyddie has finally developed into someone that sees her education as more important than work and money.

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