How has life improved for the average worker today?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Life has improved for the average worker. Over the years, laws have been passed to make working conditions safer. There are now health, safety, and environmental regulations in place to make the workplace a better place to work. Workers have an established workweek of forty hours. Any work over forty hours is compensated at a higher rate. Workers have benefits that they didn’t use to receive. Today, workers get paid vacations, paid holidays, and medical benefits. New inventions and technology have made the jobs workers do much easier than in the past. Machines have reduced the amount of physical labor needed and have helped workers complete their work faster. This gives workers more free time. Pay has also risen. Workers are being compensated for their work at higher rates than in the past. Workers today have a much better situation overall than workers in the past. If you compare a worker in 1915 to a worker today, there has been a significant improvement.