How has life changed for katniss family and gal?

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After the first hunger games, the lives of Katniss and her family completly changed. She now lives in the Victor Village with her family. She doesnt have to provide for her family, they are taken care of for life. She has to be more careful when hunting because the government  is now watching her. Also, she is now confronted with having both Peeta and Gale and her life. She loves Gale, but has feelings for Peeta, but only shows them on TV. Especially when President Snow threatens Katniss and her family if she doesn't convince all of Panem she is madly in love with Peeta. Gale's life has also changed vastly. He no longer goes to school, but works constantly in the mines. He has no time for hunting, so Katniss goes hunting to support his family. Gale is also in love with Katniss, but after watching her love for Peeta in the hunger games, he has a feeling of loathe. This is how both of their lives have changed.