How has Katniss changed throughout Mockingjay?

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Katniss' character develops in a number of ways in the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy.

She finally resolves the love triangle that has persisted between herself, Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark throughout the trilogy. We learn at the end of the book that once Peeta had recovered from the ordeal of being "hijacked" by the Capitol, she chose to spend her life with him, thanks in large part to Gale's possible involvement in the development of the bomb that ended Prim's life.

Katniss' natural suspicion of everything and everybody around her is awakened as soon as she discovers her new environment in District 13. This suspicion develops into full hatred of the new leader, President Coin, and she ultimately chooses to murder Coin instead of former President Snow, as had been planned.

While carrying out her duties as the "Mockingjay ," Katniss finds a way to overcome her natural dislike of being in the spotlight and, with this newfound ability, manages to stir the entire nation of Panem...

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