In The Giver, how has Jonas' life changed when he became the next Receiver?

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Jonas does not have to share his dreams with the family as he had had to do in the past. He cannot share any of his training experiences as his friends can do. As a result, he becomes more isolated from his peers. As much as he wants to discuss what he experiences in his training with his family, it is forbidden. The only person he has to confide in is the Giver, who becomes his surrogate family. Both the Giver and the Receiver are social isolates. Jonas's accepting nature turns more to one of questioning why his society is as it is. This is a dangerous turn as his society is based on rigid tradition and unquestioning faith in the system. When he learns the truth of the Release, he takes Gabriel, his father's charge from the nursery, and flees into an uncertain future with one certainty-Gabriel will not be Released just because his development isn't up to society's standards.

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