How has imperialism changed the world positively?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Imperialism has had some positive impacts on the world. As a result of imperialism, there was development in regions of the world that were previously undeveloped. When imperialistic countries colonized parts of Africa, the Americas, and Asia, they brought with them a desire to improve and to develop these areas of the world. The imperial powers established a system of commerce in their colonies. They eventually developed the infrastructure to help these regions grow and develop. They were able to settle in areas that had few people living in them, and then they helped those areas grow, develop, and expand.

As a result of imperialism, there was more trade. Businesses used the resources from their colonies to provide new products to their colonies. As more people came to the colonies, the colonies grew and the economy expanded.

There were other benefits to imperialism. The imperial powers were able to develop a political system in the lands they controlled. They were also able to spread their religion, usually Christianity, to their colonies. In some cases, the colonies allowed people to practice their own religion freely and to experience political freedom. As a result of imperialism, many countries eventually became independent. They had learned how to governĀ themselves and how to develop an economic system from the imperial powers.

There were positive impacts of imperialism.