How has humanity interacted with the Santa Ana River? Could you please tell me right away?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Santa Ana River watershed is located in southern California."The watershed includes much of Orange County, the northwestern corner of Riverside County, the southwestern corner of San Bernardino County, and a small portion of Los Angeles County in California." Native Americans used the Santa Ana River as a source of food and water, and did not raise crops or practice agriculture or irrigation.  The Spanish brought knowledge of aqueducts to California, introducing the practice of irrigation to the area. Settlers began diverting water from the Santa Ana River for irrigation of gardens. By the 1880's, large tracts of land were dedicated to citrus and other agricultural activities.  "Water diversions from the Santa Ana River and other sources were common. From the early 1900's to today  entertainment, tourism, military, and aircraft industries lead to a boom in development and population growth in Southern California.  Originally based in the Los Angeles area, this development began overtaking the agricultural uses in the Santa Ana watershed during the second half of the 20th century." Today the river is polluted, fish species are dying, and a complete overhaul of the ecology for the river is needed.