How have such things as economic, social, governmental, and technological factors affected the intensity of food production?

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In one way, all of these factors have had the same impact on the intensity of food production.  All of them have helped cause food production to become more intense.  This trend has been more pronounced in less developed countries, but has been visible elsewhere as well.  At the same time, however, these factors have worked in different ways to intensify food production.

Economic factors have allowed food production to become more intensive.  People in less developed countries have been getting richer and can afford more food.  This creates more demand and causes food production to be intensified.

Technological factors make it physically possible for food production to intensify.  Things like the breakthroughs of the green revolution make it possible for farmers to grow more food.

Social factors also make it necessary for food production to intensify.  In many countries, people are leaving rural areas and going to the cities in hopes of finding work.  This makes it necessary for those who remain in farming areas to farm more intensively. 

Governments have acted in a variety of ways to bring about more intensive food production.  They do things like subsidizing agriculture.  They help to fund the research that makes things like the green revolution possible.

In these ways and others, many factors combine to make food production more intensive.

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