To what degree has the dominant group, WASPs, monopolized the culture of the U.S.? 

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestants from the northeastern United States formed a disproportionate percentage of the United States' elite from the mid-eighteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, holding a higher percentage of important positions in politics, corporations, and educational and other cultural institutions than would be expected in terms of their absolute numbers.  They also tended to be over-represented in skilled and high-paying professions such as medicine, law, architecture, and engineering. The dominance was far from complete, as in many areas of cultural production were strongly influenced by talented outsiders, such as the African Americans who created such innovative forms and jazz, blues, and the poetry of the Harlem Renaissance, talented immigrants such as Balanchine and many notable Russian dancers who created "American" ballet, and the many Jewish scientists and intellectuals who fled the Nazis to lead to a flourishing of United States science and philosophy.