How has Dilsey in some way taken the place of both Mr. and Mrs.Compson? 

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dilsey has become the embodiment of nurturing and caring in the Compson home.  She has become the force of love and compassion that Mr. and Mrs. Compson could never be.  It makes sense that Faulkner would see that if there is any hope for the family and human beings, in general, it does not rest with the traditional family figureheads.  They have demonstrated themselves emotionally impotent and incapable of providing the guidance and love that is needed for endurance and eventual triumph over the challenges in the modern setting.  Faulkner has Dilsey embody this. Her embrace of spirituality and the hope of recognizing that she is able to see both beginning and ending of the family and help to provide some structure to it is where she has been able to assume the role of Mr. and Mrs. Compson.  In an emotional and nurturing vacuum, Dilsey has been able to assume a leadership role.  She is the focal point of the last section, the section in which "the sound and fury" might actually hope to represent something substantive.  Dilsey is presented in a manner of positivity and hope, coinciding with the Easter Resurrection that is a part of the section.  The hope for the future rests with her presence, something that has asserted itself in a role of leadership in the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Compson.

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