How has a change of political party or a change in the level of stability in China and USA affected tourism?

coralee333 | Student

Well, the political party of China really hasn't changed, they are still a Communist nation, but what has changed is their economic policy. They have embraced capitalism which is considered a "Western" form as opposed to Communism that was in place when Mao was the leader of China. When the Tianamen Square riots happened, it was clear that the Chinese government would not tolerate democracy but because of the success of trading with the Western world has proven so beneficial especially over the past 10-15 years, China has begun to see the benefits of welcoming touriist since this is a capitaliist form of income as well. China has been more open to welcoming English teachers because English is the international language of business. China is very accepting of ESL teachers and of course, with the embrace of Western trends, movies, along with China's own tourist attractions, that brings people to China.  You need to remember that China needed to stabilize if they wanted to reap the benefits of a stronger economic system. Obviously, they are now one of the stronger (not strongest)  economic nations in the world.  Hope this helps!