How can From Failure to Promise: An Uncommon Path to Professoriate positively impact a pursuit of success and promise in the commitment to improving the lives of global citizens?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one way in which the book can positively impact a pursuit of success and promise in the commitment to improving the lives of global citizens is in clearly suggesting that one is not forlorn in their struggles.  Dr. Moorer makes clear that individuals who are in pursuit of success will face adversity and challenge.  That these challenges might prove daunting and insurmountable is a common experience.  It is here in which there is a positive impact evident.  Dr. Moorer concludes that individuals who believe in a higher power and believe that they are the instruments of that higher power in their pursuit of success will find it.  He asks in the first chapter, "Can a college flunk- out become a university professor?"  This helps to make clear that individuals will face adversity and challenge in their journeys.  Yet it is the belief that there is a plan and a higher power that ordains the individual's place on that path which positively impacts the pursuit of that individual's success.

In the second half of the equation, one can see how the belief in this promise can help to improve the lives of global citizens.  Dr. Moorer's contention is elemental.  There are so many paths for self- destruction evident in a globalized setting that individuals can find themselves overwhelmed.  Globalization and technology have enabled information to be plentiful and available at light speed.  This global setting is one in which individuals need to ensure that they are on a path, following the trajectory and direction that have been provided for them.  For global citizens who find themselves challenged in this regard, the book speaks to the commitment to self improvement in the lives of global citizens.  It is a universal statement of understanding how one can live a purpose- filled life in a setting where global citizens might find themselves immersed in questioning in the midst of a "dark wood," as Dante would phrase it.