How has Baba's childhood determined his furture? 

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In many ways, Baba's childhood of believing in notions such as honor and pride have helped to determine his future in Kabul.  They also serve as point of distance when Baba moves to California.  For Baba, growing up with the belief of ideas like honor and pride help to distance him from others.  Baba acquires a large presence in his life in Kabul.  He is lavish, demonstrative about his beliefs and his stature.  He is a man of action.  He is not reflective as much as he is active.  Baba's childhood was one in which there was a fervent belief that "being a man" was one in which these notions had to be actively embraced.  Identity was defined through action and displaying it in as many realms as possible.  This influences Baba's future because it defines him as an adult in Kabul and also helps to distance himself from Amir, his son, who is more reflective, inwardly drawn, and cerebral in his approach to being.

Interestingly enough, Baba's beliefs in childhood that influenced him to construct such a strict definition of what it means to be a man are also the elements that become far removed when he is in California.  When Baba comes to the United States, the demonstrative displays of pride and honor are replaced by an egalitarianism that was absent in Kabul.  Baba works long hours at a filling station and sacrifices for his son's education and betterment.  In this, one sees how his childhood represents a point of departure for his future in America.  Baba's journey from one who was singular in his notion of being "the" man to one that ended up becoming "a" man illuminates how far the journey from childhood can actually be in the exploration of human consciousness.

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