Explain the significance of how August Comte’s ideas have influenced people’s thoughts/behavior?

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I tend to think that one of Comte's major influences that can be seen today is a desire for unity and symmetry.  Comte was driven by the idea that there can be a theory that unifies and brings together different and discordant elements in European society.  This is an influencing element in what we see in today's setting.  I believe that the idea of unity, symmetry, and order is something that leaders do believe in today and seek to articulate today.  The Republican idea of "We Built This" is an affirmation of unity in which one can see the Comtian ideas of bringing together different elements in a social order.  Comte believed that in being able to stress the "positive sciences" such as mathematics, there can be answers provided to all social elements.  Politicians today seem to believe the same elements.  In focusing on the "positive" elements of economic growth, there can be all answers provided, one in which individuals can converge and come together.  This helps to bring out the political emphasis today that can find root in Comtian principles and elements.


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