How has art changed since the invention of the internet? 

eli468 | Student

Art has changed drastically since the invention of the internet. For one, a lot more artworks are now being created digitally. There are programs designed to create "paintings" on a computer that can create beautiful graphic artworks made by digital media. 

The internet has allowed for artists to become more popular and recognized. Artists are able to create their own gallery of their works and post them online to expose their work to even more people and create a larger following.

Unfortunately with the internet a lot of artwork has been taken from an original artist and claimed as someone else's. Also, with so much art being displayed on the internet, the art field is becoming more and more difficult to get into for a career. 

Art can be shown on the internet through digital galleries, videos, even tutorials, to help others improve in their own digital art works. That has also been a big change from the internet. More people are able to learn how to do art better by being able to have the knowledge at their disposal. You no longer have to sit through an art class to be able to get the knowledge. There are many free ebooks, youtube videos, and art sights that teach people different tips, tricks, and techniques. The internet has opened up the art world more than ever before.

thewanderlust878 | Student

With the invention of the internet, the whole world was changed. In every aspect of life people could now do things they could not have done in the past. This holds true especially with art. When the computer was invented, animation, movie-making, and even drawing and painting was changed forever. Instead of having to practice drawing on a piece of paper, one could "save the environment" in a way and use their computer to practice their skills that they could later translate onto paper, or keep it on their computer. 

I believe that while the computer changed art (with the ability to create a masterpiece without ever needing the ability to draw a perfect circle), the internet changed artists themselves more than their works. Though there are applications and such on the internet that artists could use to create art, these were made off of the internet, but on a computer. However, on the internet an artist can create a blog or website showcasing their works, and even create a shop for people to purchase from. Artists could also use their websites to put up tutorials, lessons, etc, for all levels of artists to learn from.  Big-name shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay also sell original works of art. Millions of people browse these websites everyday, which could bring more notice to a rising artists' work than showcasing them in a small gallery would. So, in my opinion, while the internet may not have drastically changed art itself, it definitely transformed the options and lives of artists today. 

Hope this helps!

emtheawesome | Student

Art has changed very dramatically since the invention of the internet. People can just copy and paste different parts of pictures onto theirs to make it look like a Picasso painting. Also, not only can people do Picasso-like artworks (Cubism), but they can also make animations. Many people may not think so, but animation is art. In the past, a person had to draw out animation a slide at a time. This was how Snow White was made. Now, however, animators can easily do it on a computer now without spending years on end drawing the cartoon. This may not sound like the internet is the reason for this, but many people use apps and other tools from the internet to make their artworks and animations. However, the impact isn't all good. Sadly, people have stolen artworks, changing it up just a bit, and they call it their own. The internet may have even taken away some creativity.

ssandhu05 | Student

Art has changed through the internet by the uses of programs that help people design art online. People can even use the Paint feature on the computer to allow them to make all sorts of art; there's no limit to the variety of things one can do. Not only that, people can quickly download or copy and paste a picture from the internet to use in a piece or artwork. Cartoons and animations made on the internet also count as art.

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