How has Amir's character evolved in The Kite Runner?

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Amir is the narrator and main character of The Kite Runner. He is from a privileged upbringing, and he has no unsatisfied material wants as a child. However, Amir still wishes he had a better connection with his father, Baba. Amir believes that his father wishes he were more like him. Amir becomes jealous of any people that get Baba's affection.

Hassan receives affection from Baba, which makes Amir very jealous. He begins attempting to sabotage Hassan in various ways in the hopes of eliminating his competition for Baba's love. Amir even allows Hassan to be raped, in part, because he thinks the blue kite he receives will earn him Baba's love.

However, Amir becomes very guilty over his treatment of Hassan. He realizes that his selfish behaviors do not make him happy. Instead, they steal his happiness from him. Amir decides to try and make amends for his behavior. He...

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