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How has the advent of Psychotropic drugs benefited sufferers of schizophrenia, from the point of view of their freedom?

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For schizophrenics, the advent of psychotropic drugs has allowed them to live much more independently than in the past, IF they take their medication. Symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, confusion, and paranoia can be controlled by psychotropic drugs. With the new drugs available, many can participate in society and live a relatively normal life. They can go to college, hold a job, marry if they so choose, have children, and live outside the confines of a hospital, which never used to be the norm. Schizophrenia was so difficult to treat and the people with the condition so varied in their presentation of the disease that many of them used to avoid the mental health system or ended up in the legal system. The new TV show "Perception" shows the confusion hallucinations present for a schizophrenic without medication as did the movie A Beautiful Mind. The hardest part of the new drugs is that they must be taken to be effective, but if they are taken correctly, can control symptoms and add so much freedom for people with a truly devastating condition if left untreated.

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