How has 60's film media impacted the world today?How has 60's film media impacted the world today?

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I think that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have people drawing parallels to the Vietnam War, so there is a natural inclination to return to movies and other cultural artifacts from that time period. Even without these connections, the people who we're young in Vietnam are now our leaders. They were certainly influenced.
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If we look at the European film industries compared to Hollywood's perspective in the 60's we see art vs. commodity.  Such films as Last Year at Marienbad (Alain Resnais) and Belle du Jour (Luis Bunuel) are quite a departure from Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii; their contribution is clear.  In cinematic technique, Film Form and Film Sense  (Raymond Spottiswoode) introduced the next generation of filmmakers to a language with which film could be discussed as an art form.  Today’s films owe much to the editing techniques and tricks introduced in the 60’s, both as story-telling devices and as aesthetic effects themselves (the film editor’s cuts became more complex – swipes, fades, etc. became more comfortable to viewers; the ability to suspend disbelief as the story moved from location to location, for instance, became easier).