How does the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban present the idea of good vs evil? 

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In the third installment of Harry Potter, Harry learns that he is being targeted by a murderer named Sirius Black who has escaped from the mysterious Azkaban Prison.  Azkaban is guarded by Dementors, ghost-like beings that suck the joy out of you.  Since Sirius Black is on the loose, the Dementors are too.  They seem to represent evil itself, and Harry is terrified of them.  They make him feel like he will never be happy again.

Harry is not that afraid of Sirius Black, but everyone else around him is.  They try to protect him, but he makes light of the situation.  He runs away from home after blowing up his aunt (like a balloon, not with explosives).  He sneaks around the castle with the Marauder’s Map, given to him by Fred and George Weasley, which shows him where everyone is at any given time.  He also sneaks into the nearby town of Hogsmead. 

For Harry, evil is an abstract concept, even though he has already faced it directly a few times in his life. ...

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