How does Harper Lee present prejudice throughout the novel?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Harper Lee presents prejudice throughout the novel by depicting the thoughts and actions of the racist community members of Maycomb. Lee also depicts prejudice by illustrating how negative rumors adversely affect Boo Radley's life. Lee uses specific characters such as Mrs. Dubose, Mrs. Merriweather, and Bob Ewell to depict the prejudice against African Americans in Maycomb. Lee also uses characters like Miss Stephanie Crawford to portray the prejudiced feelings towards Boo Radley. The community member's racist comments and negative attitude towards Atticus also depict their prejudiced beliefs. Lee also portrays how the community's prejudice harms specific individuals. Tom Robinson becomes a victim of racial injustice and the rumors surrounding Boo Radley give him a negative reputation throughout Maycomb. Despite the overwhelming prejudice throughout the community, Atticus remains tolerant and morally upright. He teaches his children to treat others equally which aids in Scout and Jem's moral development.

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