How hard is it for a Mexican citizen to become an American citizen?  Just wondering if the process is available or if it needs improving to ease illegal immigration.

abrown008 | Student
1. Apply for a for a legal immigration visa at the US Embassy. There are many categories under which you can apply. It helps if you are educated and/or have a valuable skill. Another method is to apply as a legal guest worker, then later adjust to legal resident status.
2. Wait your turn in line for the visa, just like everyone else in the world does. Some Filipinos wait 22 years for an F4 family immigration visa.
3. Once you have the visa, move to the US.
4. After 5 years of living in the US, if you have not committed any crimes or used welfare, you can apply for US Citizenship. But first you have to ask yourself what you feel in your heart, are you an American or a Mexican?
5. Take and pass the Citizenship test.
6. Be sworn in as as US Citizen. Be sure to renounce all allegiance to Mexico, and don't plan on later applying for dual Mexican-US citizenship, otherwise you could loose your US citizenship.

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