how to handle conflict in a company?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to effectively answer a business question, such as how companies can approach conflict resolution, you will probably firstly need to identify the conflict area. For example, pinpoint whether the conflict arises in a certain area such as Human Resources, Employee Relations, Union Relations, Client Communication or internal Mangement Administration disagreements. If necessary, you could always post another business questions directly related to the particular area you are studying this semester.

In general, there are many sources for conflict resolution support in a business. The Human Resources department is responsible for manpower, advertising posts, interviewing, contracts and sometimes organises Progress Reviews. Issues and greivances arising from any of these areas can go to te Human Resources dpartment as first port of call. Other sources of support include arbitration services where diagreements can be aired in a reasonable manner, decisions discussed and if necessary, appeals and cases handled. Many huge national companies even have their own legal departments.