How is Haemon faithful in Antigone?

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In AntigoneHaemon exhibits his faithfulness in two ways:  one to his father, and the other to Antigone (and by default the people of Thebes).  After Creon makes the decision to banish Antigone from Thebes, Haemon goes to his father to make an appeal for Antigone.  However, Haemon is respectful of his father when he makes the appeal, and rather than tell his father flat out that he thinks the decision to be wrong one, he finds other ways to reason with Creon such as telling him that public opinion would have Antigone freed.  Such actions show Haemon to be faithful to the bond that he has with his father--Haemon respects his father and remains faithful to the father/son hierarchy.  Similarly, Haemon shows himself to be faithful to his future wife Antigone by standing up for her best interests.  Haemon knows that he is risking his relationship with his father (and king) by standing up for her, but he feels that she has done the right thing by following the laws of the gods, and thus he remains faithful to her cause.  

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