How had the princess found out what was behind each door in "The Lady or the Tiger?"

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The princess used her power, influence, and force of character to find out who was behind the door.

In this kingdom in the “very olden time” in which the story takes place, a semi-barbaric king is running the show with his very unique sense of justice.  He essentially believes that his court is just because it leaves things up to fate.  The victim has to choose between two doors, and if he chooses the wrong door, he must be guilty.

It makes a strange kind of semi-barbaric sense, if you believe in superstition.  Either way, the audience is entertained.  They get to see either a bloody execution or a fun wedding.

The whole thing takes on a personal touch when the king’s daughter is involved.  Her lover gets thrown on the mercy of the court, and now things are not quite put to chance anymore.  First of all, she does not want to leave things up him.  Second of all, she is too...

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