How Gustave Flaubert showed his disaappointment with middle class in his novel Madam Bovary?

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The disappointment experienced by the characters is mainly the lack of money versus the fantasized version they have of what happiness and contentment should be. Madame Bovary had come from a well-to-do family when she married Dr. Bovary. Both were at first content with what they had.

Yet, Flaubert lets us in the know of Emme's tendencies when she was younger in the convent, how she lived on romance novels and romantic stories where people always dressed well, and nice aromas always filtered, and she stayed in that fantasy. Hence, the preoccupation she has with money and riches occupied her mind and put values and common sense in second place. She felt of her current status as dull, boring, intolerable, and classless and...

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