How does Gulliver feel when he reaches the land of Laputa?

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When Gulliver reaches the land of Laputa, he feels such disquietude and anxiety that it overwhelms his exhaustion and keeps him awake at night.  He begins to feel despair, wondering how he will keep himself alive in this desolate place; he sees no one.  The next day, he walks on the beach, and he is astonished to see a floating island above the land and begins to feel a bit more hopeful that he might survive this adventure.  Once Gulliver is brought up to the floating island and sees the Laputians there, he is confused and surprised by many aspects of their society, such as their need for Flappers, servants who gently strike them on the mouths when they need to be reminded to speak and on the ears when they need to be reminded to listen. 

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