How does Granny react to Granddaddy's behavior in "Blue's Ain't No Mockingbird"?

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In the story, Granddaddy Cain returns from his hunting trip with a dying and squawking chicken hawk slung over his shoulder. Upon his return, he stops on the porch to show Granny that he's finally caught the hawk. However, she doesn't react enthusiastically and doesn't appear overly pleased with his accomplishment. In fact, the text tells us that all she does is to stare and mumble under her breath.

Her muted reaction is likely due to the fact that all her attention is focused on the cameramen. Granddaddy Cain, for his part, responds to his wife's disregard of his accomplishment by nailing the chicken hawk to the tool-shed door. After he does this, Granny asks her husband to get the cameramen out of her flower bed. Her request is proof that she is primarily concerned with getting the cameramen off her property.

Just before Granddaddy Cain can do anything, the chicken hawk's mate stages a frantic attack on everyone. Calmly, Granddaddy Cain throws his hammer at the hawk and manages to down it. After this, he silently demands the camera from the men. Upon receipt of the camera, Granddaddy Cain brings down his powerful hand upon the camera and destroys the top part of the camera, likely also destroying the film. Then, he proclaims to the cameramen that they are standing in his wife's flower bed and that they ought to respect the fact that they are on private property.

Thoroughly dismayed, the cameramen make a quick getaway. Granddaddy Cain then goes into the house, and the narrator soon reports that Granny is no longer mumbling and grumbling away. She appears to be humming contentedly and has resumed her baking for the Christmas sale. In her own way, Granny reacts favorably to Granddaddy Cain's actions.

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