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How does the government protect the rights of its citizens?

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There are many things the government can do to protect the rights of its citizens. One thing the government can do is to guarantee these rights in a written document such as the Constitution. The first ten amendments to our Constitution, called the Bill of Rights, guarantee basic freedoms of the American people. For example, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and freedom of religion are guaranteed rights.

The government must also protect its citizens when there is an attempt to take away their rights. Currently, the government is fighting the threat created by terrorist attacks. By working to stop terrorists, who want to take away some of our rights and freedoms, the government is working to protect the rights and freedoms we have. In World War I and World War II, we fought to preserve democratic governments and the rights people had under these governments.

Sometimes, the government will pass laws to protect our rights. People who do things to violate our rights, like stealing our property, are punished when they break the law. The government creates laws to help keep people safe and to help safeguard their rights.

There are many things the government can do to protect our rights.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Often, our rights are being protected from the government.  This would be, for example, when our freedom of religion or freedom of speech needs to be protected from government action.  In such cases, the government does not really do much to protect us.  You could say that the government protects us by not passing laws that infringe on our rights.  You could also say that the government protects our rights from itself by having created the Bill of Rights.  But these are not really positive actions that are being done by the government.  Therefore, we cannot really say that the government protects these kinds of rights.

However, the government does protect some of our rights from other people.  For example, it protects our right to life and to property.  It does this by making and enforcing laws.  The government creates laws, for example, that make it illegal to steal from us by force or bilk us out of our money by fraud.  The police try to enforce these laws, thus deterring people from trying to do these things.  In these ways, the government protects our rights from people who would infringe upon them.

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ts805 | Student

The government protects the rights of its citizens by upholding the laws of the United States Constitution. By giving the people specific rights in the Constitution, such as Amendments, it helps protect these rights. For example, the Eighth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution explains how a person will not get an unreasonable bail or fine if committing a crime. This amendment also explains how it also does not allow cruel and unusual punishment.

So if a person steals groceries from the grocery store and gets caught, their bail will not be set at $5 million dollars. In addition, when people are arrested and put into jail, they still have rights. They cannot be left in jail to rot without food or water. They also cannot sit in jail for 10 years without a trial.

Overall, the Amendments in the U.S. Constitution clearly prove that the rights of the citizens of the United States are protected by the government.