How is Gothic literature concerned with transformation and change?

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Although transformation and change are not necessarily themes that we readily associate with Gothic literature itself, it is clear that many critics believe that the birth of Gothic literature is very closely associated with the far-reaching historical changes that were occurring at the time of its birth. In particular, the American Revolution and French Revolution are two influences that are credited in having sparked Gothic literature. Some argue that Gothic literature was a medium through which England tried to grapple with the realities of the massive terrifying changes occurring just over the channel in France. The French Revolution, although it started with noble aims, quickly degenerated into "The Reign of Terror" which was associated with indiscriminate violence and senseless cruelty. This produced massive fear in England in case such uncertainty and anarchy spread into other countries. Thus links can be established between this situation of violent revolution, transformation and change and the horror in Gothic fiction and the way that it includes images of evil overpowering good.

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