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How does the Gospel of John tells  the story of Jesus?

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The Gospel of John renders a vision of Jesus that is fairly consistent with his purpose as the Messiah and the force of universality in a contingent world.  The vision of Jesus that is seen in the gospel is one that is meant to solidify the worship of Jesus as an absolute in a world of contingency.  Jesus is presented as a force of divinity of which there is little doubt as to what path needs to be pursued.  It is in the Gospel of John that the most stark depiction of how to believe in and perceive Jesus is presented:

  • "the bread of life"[6:35]
  • "the light of the world"[8:12]
  • "the door of the sheep"[10:7]
  • "the good shepherd"[10:11]
  • "the resurrection and the life"[11:25]
  • "the way, the truth, and the life"[14:6] and
  • "the real vine"[15:1][3]

The fact that each of these declarations is preceded with the unambiguous "I am" construction helps the believer to see Jesus as the path to salvation and assert his divine strength for redemption for all who might feel trapped in doubt and uncertainty.

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