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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Google is beneficial to us because it allows us to access all sorts of information so much more easily than we could before such good search engines were available.  Being able to access information easily is important in many different ways.  It allows us to do school work more easily.  It enriches our lives by allowing us to find answers to almost any question very quickly.  It helps us with our health by allowing us to look up information about health conditions we might have or about nutrition.  It helps us spend our money more effectively by allowing us to look for other people's opinions about various products we might want to buy.  None of these things was easily available to us in the days before Google.

chapterendnotes | Student

Google is beneficial because it places knowledge at one's fingertips. Google allows anyone to find an infinite amount of information, regardless of age, race, ethnicity...really any demographic. Of course, one has to have access to a computer and the Internet. With Google, from every library, every idea, every funny joke to best carrot cake recipe can be found with a few clicks. Thanks to Google, ideas for inventions, cures, artwork, prose, etc., are now available immediately, for others to use, collaborate and spring-board to the next level.