yolo-x | Student

very useful, equally as good as the latest HTC's but by far better than blackberry smartphones.

bluebutterb | Student

Well, I would say it's pretty useful. Do you have an apple ipod touch? It's the exact same thing, except it's a bit thicker and it has the use of a phone. Mostly I love the games, and I also like some apps that help you arrage things automatically. I expecially like the apps provieded freely that schedules up your weeks' things. It makes your life easier, not trying to exaggerate. Mostly I like how it makes everything clear. It's extremely useful when I've got loads of work and schedules to do and it's a bit of a mess, and it kinda sorts everything out. There's also this app I like that's basically a journal, that records everthing you go through in the week. That's really useful for me, because I have a small business that drives me travelling all the way long. When stuff gets too much to stick all in my head, the journal can do stuff easily by taking pictures and stuff. There's also a lot automatic things it does that transforms units in less than 1 sec, and some mind maps and stuff. Basically, if you don't have an ipod touch of apple, it's worth buying an iphone. But if you already own and ipod touch, then it's kind of a waste to buy this other same thing. I would suggest you to just get a normal phone instead.