How is God portrayed in Doctor Faustus by Marlowe? 

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In one sense, God is not portrayed at all in Doctor Faustus; we literally see Lucifer (Satan), but we never see God. More indirectly, however, God is portrayed as being quite merciful, at least if we see the Good Angel as a direct representative from God and the Old Man as another messenger telling Faustus that it is not too late to repent. At first glance, one would assume that selling one's soul to the devil is quite final, but even after Faustus signs the contract with the devil, the Good Angel tells him it is "never too late, if Faustus can repent." Much later in the play, when Faustus has already made much use of his powers over years, the Old Man comes to tell Faustus that he can still repent, be saved, and gain the mercy of God, "whose blood alone must wash away thy guilt." If these characters are truly messengers from God in the play, then God as Marlowe portrays him is profoundly forgiving.

As to how God is portrayed, some critics say that Faustus confuses the Old Testament...

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