How can a global project be more complex than a project performed within just one country? How might these elements affect the successful outcome of the global project?

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In addition to having far more moving parts, a global project is far more complex than one within one nation because one must take into account the differences from one country to another. Let us consider a few of these.

First, if one is operating in more than one country, one must take into account cultural differences. These include language, dress, religion, and customs. Without having someone on the ground who speaks the language, it is difficult to operate. Even when someone does speak the language, there are bound to be local idioms that must be learned. In many Muslim countries, sending a woman with an uncovered head and bare arms to head a setup operation is, to put it mildly, a blunder. Scheduling an important meeting on a Saturday in Israel, the Jewish day of worship, is not going to win friends and influence people. In many countries with a...

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