Black Beauty Questions and Answers
by Anna Sewell

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How does Ginger die?

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In Anna Sewell's classic novel Black Beauty, Ginger is Black Beauty's friend. She is a chestnut mare with bad manners. She has a tendency to kick or bite. Black Beauty and Ginger meet at Birtwick Park, where they have very kind owners. Merrylegs, the pony, speculates that Ginger has bad treatment before she comes to Birtwick Park and that is why she snaps and bites people. Beauty and Ginger are paired together to pull the carriage.

After a time, Black Beauty and Ginger are separated. In the chapter entitled "Poor Ginger," Black Beauty sees Ginger again but doesn't recognize her. When he sees her, she is in London pulling a cab. She has a bad cough. Most of her ribs are...

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