how to get top marks in unit3 exam as i have not done well in first two units. any advice would be helpful.

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For any exam, you will want to separate your study time into reviewing material you have mastered and re-learning material that you struggle with.  Looking back at your homework and other in-class assessments should help you see what material you need to re-learn and what you can briefly review.  Your main study focus should be on any concepts or equations that you did not understand.  Try completing some practice problems or reworking any homework problems that you did not do well on.  If this exam includes formulas, equations, or other terms, you might consider creating flash cards.  Look at the areas you did not do well on in the first two units and determine if there will be similar areas in unit three.  If you are unsure what topics and terms will appear on this unit's exam, you might want to check with your teacher.  You can also ask your teacher for extra practice problems and worksheets that might help you prepare for your exam.