How to avoid getting hit by a lightning if in the ground?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lightning is a giant electric discharge happening in the atmosphere.  It is because there is an unbalance charge stored in the clouds thus striking anything near its area; the strike maybe from cloud to cloud or cloud to the ground. This is a natural phenomenon so we can't make it stop. Apparently, lightning often strikes as near as possible so it is very much probable that it will hit any tall structures. 

To avoid getting hit by a lightning, you can consider these things:

1. Do not go in an open area like fields or parking lots because you are the tallest and the easiest target if ever.

2. Stay away from any metal structures. Remember that metals can conduct electricity.

3. Get away from water (like ponds or swimming pools). It is a good conductor.

4. Make yourself as small as possible. If you are stuck in an open area, lie down or probably crawl away. 

5. Stay away from tall structures like trees, posts or towers. Remember that they are the first object to be hit, and apparently you're next.

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