What are some strategies I could use to get healthy as well as lose weight?please provide me a perfect food menu.. and suggest me any further way to improve health.

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Doctors and nutritionists as well as those who have successfully lost weight and maintained their health suggest that people need to change their mindset about weight loss.  They say it is not a matter of eating less for a period of time or even exercising more until you reach a goal weight, because most people tend to gain back that weight after the diet or program is complete.  They argue it is about changing the way you eat and exercise permanently: changing your bad habits to good ones and making a sensible exercise program part of your regular life. Two habits that you can incorporate into your life immediately is 1) any time you eat in a restaurant, as soon as they bring you your meal, ask for a to go box for half of it, before you start eating.  This institutes portion control, and 2) eat smaller meals, and more of them.  That's right, MORE meals, but smaller ones.  This keeps your daily metabolic rate at a consistent and higher energy level, which actually burns more calories. Some examples of these meals (six per day is recommended): Cottage cheese and peaches or cottage cheese and lean meat (chicken or turkey) Protein shake or protein bar (check to make sure there is low sugar content Salad with low cal dressing, anytime. Lean chicken and steamed vegetables 6"lean subway sandwich, no cheese no mayo Soup (check fat content) - Vegetarian Vegetable is good Fish - especially salmon with a salad - high in good saturated fat and Omega-3 (heart healthy) If you are eating a good deal of protein it will help your exercise program as well. Vary your workouts between lifting weights and cardio exercise like walking or running or biking. The protein will maintain your muscle mass even as you lose weight, which makes you not only thinner, but healthy and strong as well.