How does George Washington Cable's "Belles Demoiselle Plantation" compare to "Free Joe and the Rest of the World"?

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Both of these short stories are take place in "the Old South" and are considered classic, quintessential creole tales, complete with southern dialect. While the plots of these stories differ, there are a few prominent, similar themes that run through both.

"Belles Demoiselle Plantation" by Cable and "Free Joe and the Rest of the World" take place in a post-slavery setting where slaves are beginning to be freed. It's also the end of the powerful, rich plantation setting that was the dominant way of life for so many white and black people. While slaves are struggling to figure out how to exist with their newfound freedom and searching for a place to fit in, plantation owners are also struggling to maintain their properties on their own. Both stories tie into these themes and represent the end of the aristocratic plantation owners' era, bringing about a new time of discourse and rebirth in the south.

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