How does gender shape our identity? What role does society play in this? Use literary theories to argue points.

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Gender has always played a huge role in shaping our identities. In the past, gender roles were a huge factor. It was expected that a man went to work and a woman stayed home to care for children, cook, and clean. The men were expected to be tough and do the "dirty work," and the women were expected to remain more modest. These were all American society's expectations based on gender.

Things have changed significantly over the years, and with recent movements such as feminism, roles are no longer as gender specific. Society is now accepting of a woman working and a husband raising the children or having two moms or two dads raise a family. Society also now supports individuals in voicing their opinions and concerns. This would have been frowned upon back in the 1940s.

Our gender influences our identity because it gives us a basis of who we are and who we feel we identify with. Children are still raised as boys and girls and frequently play with stereotypical toys. These toys may impact...

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